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The video is time-lapse with voice over. The video is a mix of real-time and time-lapse with voice over, so you get a good look at her drawing process. Bonny also has a great selection of videos featuring dogs, cats, horses, and a few other animals. Some are lives stream length and others are short time-lapse videos. If you enjoy drawing still life art and like food art, this video is for you.

This video includes valuable tips on working on drafting film, choosing colors, and layering colors. Art Insider features colored pencil artist CJ Hendry. Paint blobs. She uses colored pencils to create huge drawings of her subjects. Just a glimpse of her stash of colored pencils is enough to please any art supply hoarder. This is not a tutorial by any means, but it is fun and beware: it includes some really outside the box marketing ideas. Emmy Kalia gets you off to a good start with graphite drawing by sharing her drawing tools and supplies.

She also tells when she uses each tool in her normal drawing process. She talks about how she draws with step-by-step narration, explaining her methods, and tools along the way. Darlene of Rapid Fire Art shows how she draws a hyper realistic eye in this nearly real-time tutorial with voice over.

Beginning with the initial drawing, she then walks you through the entire drawing process and shares drawing tips about reflections, drawing an eyeball that looks round and wet, and much more. Paul Priestly shows you how to draw and shade trees using a very basic method of looking for the large shapes of each particular tree type, then adding the values that turn those shapes into forms.

Chris Straver of LethalChris Drawing, narrates this time-lapse video showing how he draws three types of trees from the trunk outward. Dan Beardshaw shows how to draw three of the most popular basic architectural textures in this mostly real-time, narrated video. Each texture sample begins with sketching basic lights and darks, then shading to add form, detail, and realism. There are other videos on drawing texture on this channel, including drawing hair and skin textures. This video by Sergey Lebedev falls into the category of eye candy for graphite lovers.

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The video shows in time-lapse how the artist drew a landscape. There is no narration and no tips, but it is fun to watch and also informative to see the range of values and textures that give this drawing a sense of space and place. Especially for a scene drawn from imagination. The artist has other landscape videos, including a real-time version of this drawing, so if you enjoy this video, it will be worth your time to watch some of his other videos. Most videos are under twenty minutes and many are under ten minutes long.

This live stream video from Lisa Clough of Lachri Fine Art walks you in real-time through the process of drawing a soft background using graphite powder. This is the first video in a series of live streams covering this large-ish graphite portrait. Finally, in the graphite category, a video for fun.

See how to create two small drawings with oil pastels in this Lets Create Something video. The first demonstration is on smooth paper. The second paper is pastel paper, so you can also see how pastel preforms on different papers.

How to Draw a Kitten: Narrated Step by Step

Syndia Art gives you basic tips on getting started with oils pastels. The video is real-time and narrated, but the artist also demonstrates the drawing process. She also has a playlist of beginning tutorials covering a wide range of subjects for beginners. You can check out that playlist here. Get started drawing with pastels with this short, time-lapse video with captions.

The supplies are listed throughout the video and include colors and blending tools. This is a project you can do on a budget, but that will still give you a good idea of what oil pastels are capable of. The process includes a few other media such as watercolor and graphite. Ready to take your pastel work to the next level? Then this video by Holly Saunders is for you. The artist talks about the medium in general, why she loves them, and how she uses them.

She also demonstrates her most often used techniques with a landscape with buildings on canvas with primed with acrylic gesso. Wildlife artist Jason Morgan recommends the supplies and tools you need to get started with soft pastels if you want to create realistic pastel drawings. He begins with the absolute basics just to discover whether or not pastels are for you including a link to a Patreon project that can be completed with 12 pencils and a piece of paper.

For the advanced pastelist or any artist who wants to advance with pastels, Jason has dozens of tutorial videos. Most of them deal with specific subjects such as drawing whiskers, feathers, or fur. Pastels can be a confusing medium. From bold to abstract to geometric patterns — explore all the results you can get when batik painting with For artist Arpi Krikorian, vibrant, colorful abstract flower painting comes down to one thing — supplies. She walks us How to draw a kitten, steps 3 and 4. How to draw a kitten, steps 5 and 6. How to draw a kitten: final step.

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    The Bhimbetka rock shelters exhibit the earliest traces of human life in India. Paintings in Bhimbetka are dated to about 8, BCE. In Odisha they are found in Yogimatha and Gudahandi. In Karnataka, these paintings are found in Hiregudda near Badami. The most recent painting, consisting of geometric figures, date to the medieval period. Executed mainly in red and white with the occasional use of green and yellow, the paintings depict the lives and times of the people who lived in the caves, including scenes of childbirth, communal dancing and drinking, religious rites and burials, as well as indigenous animals.

    Cave paintings found at the Apollo 11 Cave in Namibia are estimated to date from approximately 25,—27, years ago. After extensive testing for seven years, it was revealed that the lines drawn on the rock were handmade and from an ochre crayon dating back 73, years. This makes it the oldest known rock painting. Significant early cave paintings, executed in ochre , have been found in Kakadu , Australia. Ochre is not an organic material , so carbon dating of these pictures is often impossible.

    Sometimes the approximate date, or at least, an epoch , can be surmised from the painting content, contextual artifacts, or organic material intentionally or inadvertently mixed with the inorganic ochre paint, including torch soot. A red ochre painting, discovered at the centre of the Arnhem Land Plateau , depicts two emu -like birds with their necks outstretched.

    Cave painting

    They have been identified by a palaeontologist as depicting the megafauna species Genyornis , giant birds thought to have become extinct more than 40, years ago; however, this evidence is inconclusive for dating. It may suggest that Genyornis became extinct at a later date than previously determined. Hook Island in the Whitsunday Islands is also home to a number of cave paintings created by the seafaring Ngaro people.

    The following sections present notable examples of prehistorc cave art dated to after the end of the Upper Paleolithic to the Holocene , after c. In the Philippines at Tabon Caves the oldest artwork may be a relief of a shark above the cave entrance. It was partially disfigured by a later jar burial scene. In , a French archaeological team discovered the Laas Geel cave paintings on the outskirts of Hargeisa in the northwestern region of Somaliland. Dating back around 5, years, the paintings depict both wild animals and decorated cows.

    They also feature herders, who are believed to be the creators of the rock art. Additionally, between the towns of Las Khorey and El Ayo in Karinhegane is a site of numerous cave paintings of real and mythical animals. Each painting has an inscription below it, which collectively have been estimated to be around 2, years old. In Djibouti , rock art of what appear to be antelopes and a giraffe are also found at Dorra and Balho. Many cave paintings are found in the Tassili n'Ajjer mountains in southeast Algeria.

    A UNESCO World Heritage Site , the rock art was first discovered in and has since yielded 15, engravings and drawings that keep a record of the various animal migrations, climatic shifts, and change in human inhabitation patterns in this part of the Sahara from BCE to the late classical period. The site contains rock painting images of people swimming, which are estimated to have been created 10, years ago during the time of the most recent Ice Age.

    Cave painting - Wikipedia

    Human figures are much more common in the rock art of Africa than in Europe. Distinctive monochrome and polychrome cave paintings and murals exist in the mid-peninsula regions of southern Baja California and northern Baja California Sur , consisting of Pre-Columbian paintings of humans, land animals, sea creatures, and abstract designs. These paintings are mostly confined to the sierras of this region, but can also be found in outlying mesas and rock shelters.

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    • According to recent radiocarbon studies of the area, of materials recovered from archaeological deposits in the rock shelters and on materials in the paintings themselves, suggest that the Great Murals may have a time range extending as far back as 7, years ago. Cave art that is 6, years old was found in the Cumberland Plateau region of Tennessee.

      Serra da Capivara National Park is a national park in the north east of Brazil with many prehistoric paintings; the park was created to protect the prehistoric artifacts and paintings found there. It became a World Heritage Site in Its best known archaeological site is Pedra Furada. It has an area of The area has the largest concentration of prehistoric small farms on the American continents. Scientific studies confirm that the Capivara mountain range was densely populated in prehistoric periods. Moreno National Park , which includes many sites of archaeological and paleontological importance.

      The hand images are often negative stencilled. Besides these there are also depictions of human beings, guanacos , rheas , felines and other animals, as well as geometric shapes, zigzag patterns, representations of the sun, and hunting scenes. Similar paintings, though in smaller numbers, can be found in nearby caves.