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While some of this work may need to happen after you are sexually active, you can begin a few months prior to your wedding with some good resources. Along with its practical tips and ideas that will help you with any specific challenges you might face, they make a stunning point about the importance of pleasure. They say:. The Bible endorses a concept of sexual pleasure and assumes a healthy passion. They mate according to hormonal cycles. Humans make love for pleasure. In fact, Scripture instructs believers to always be available to their spouses 1 Corinthians , not just for making babies at the time of the month when that is possible.

Therefore, we see sexual pleasure as superseding procreation. One of the most popular books on sexual pleasure is called Kama Sutra.

Written by Vatsyayana, it claims to be the first book written on the art of pleasure in lovemaking. In fact these two religions make little or no connection between sex and worship at all. In truth, Christianity alone of all the major world religions boasts the most radical of holy books. Written in approximately B. With co-habitation on the rise, many forego honeymoons altogether.

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God really wants you to spend time learning how to bring happiness and pleasure to each other. For one year he is to be free to stay at home and bring happiness to the wife he has married. Can we at least take a weekend or a week to study each other? Take care and attention in preparing for your honeymoon. Most of these are things you need to talk about. Communication is key. Instead of trying to tour Rome, why not rent a cabin on a lake?

Think sex. Expect to spend your time in the bedroom. You might want to consider not consummating your relationship until the next morning. Lowering the expectations could avoid a few tears if you both fall into bed exhausted at 2 a. Your iPod with some good tunes, a couple of candles, massage oil, KY-jelly a necessity for many new brides , pain relievers sometimes the first time causes some discomfort , and feminine hygiene products are all good things to have in your honeymoon box. Your wedding day will be a long day, and a shower will both refresh you and make you feel more confident.

The man is supposed to be pursuing you, not the other way around. God is not a God of confusion. Google on youtube. First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things. Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism,leviathan,jezebel,witchcraft,hatred and violence.

Pray for world wide repentance that people would turn to God, so that he will forgive their sins. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that President Trump and the world leaders would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and its leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways.

Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive our countries sins and heal our land. God Bless America Pray that the Lord would grant peace in America, that we may lie down and no one will make us afraid. That the Lord would remove wild beasts from the land, and that the sword will not pass through our country and that President Trump along with our leaders be filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might to declare the sins of Gods people.

Please pray for revival and that the Lord would pour out his spirit on his servants, throughout the world both men and women. Pray for the peace of Israel. Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus Name, Amen. The lord is with you all,keep praying and fasting, he will hear your cry from the heavens and he is the only true God strong in battle, he has manifested in my life and am here to give testimony, he answered my prayer and I forever trust him.

I have been praying and fasting to get my ex back. Please pray for me for my ex to start loving me again, feel for me, treat me right and respect me and come back to me. I am so disheartened but I still have faith in God, I do lose faith sometimes but I am continuing to fast and pray for him as I still have hope that god will do miracle in my life soon. Please pray for me for him to come back.

Help clarify please.

Prayer Secret #2 - The Will of God For Your life

Jesus, command us to keep praying and seeking. God wants everyone to be saved and healed. If you know the story of Jonah while he run from God? God wants him to intercede for people in prayer because God wants them to be saved. This really is not a good article. This is nonsense. A few pastors I spoke with concerning him have given me discouraging revelations about both him and his family. But the will to fight for him above all and still marry him is so strong because I find peace in my heart. So please help me. Am getting frustrated!!!!

Take your time to get married. I married against all sound advice and it has taken me years to get over my mistake. I married a man out the will of God and for eleven years I have been living under control. My children have been suffering my oldest has two children out of wedlock and my husband has put her out of the house we both build. She wants to come home but he stands in the house as tyrant. I have no access to the front of the house My children and I are so unhappy he control the keys. He control the groceries he control the washer as we are allowed to wash only when he say Recently the Lord has been opening doors for me to speak at churches so I know he has a plan for me Reading your post I realized this is not how God intended for me to live I am claiming my deliverance now I need a battle prayer.

My personal feelings can be very strong and we are told not to rely on what we feel because our hearts are driven by fleshly desires. Satan can also cast shadows of doubts over your hopes so…? Are we all just making our own decisions here and saying the holy spirit lead us to it?

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Please pray for me and boyfriend to settle our problems. Lord I ask you once again to give him to me,. One more time lord please give his love back to me as we are going to talk again this coming few days.

Once again I am asking for a prayer to anyone who can read this and to you lord to give us another shot that it will lead to marriage and have a family on our own with your love and guidance. Hi Jing.. I know how deep love can go. And I feel for you and your situation. However, be careful to pray to the Lord that only His will in your life should happen.

God Told me Who I'm Going to Marry | Stephanie May Wilson

Pray that the Lord will let the two of you stay together and marry if it is His will. And if it is not, that He gives you the strength or walk away. I recently had an almost similar situation. I had a boyfriend for over a year. I usually travel and it was on one of these trips that I found my strength to pray to the Lord about my relationship seriously. He was my best friend too. So I asked him, since it was still the first month of the year , to give me a new beginning without him if that was his will, and that He should give me the strength to accept and move on.

Comfort me and give me peace.

5 signs that you are definitely ready to get married

Long story short, about 2 weeks later, we were over. And because of how the break up happened, I know the Lord was showing me something about how I needed a man who fought for me if I was going to be with him forever. And I know the Holy Spirit had a hand in separating us. Am alright and still praying to the Lord about a marriage partner.