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Please respect Ms. Amanda Hilton, Publisher www. Taylor sat at the kitchen table staring at his mom. Josh could choose not to be. But no, he had to get even with me for some reason. Taylor laid his head on the table and began to bounce his forehead onto the tabletop. After the fight he went through to move in with his older brother Josh, he was back here again. What a nightmare. He had lasted four and a half torturous weeks. Except for the occasional running away and being brought back the same day, he had behaved pretty well.

This was an impossible nightmare, and he desperately wanted to wake up. Go up to your room and unpack. He shot up the stairs and went straight to his bedroom window.

Read Dagon&#;s Ride [Brac Pack 19] by Lynn Hagen online free full book.

There was no way he was sticking around for an exorcism. He would be eighteen in a few days. He could make it on his own until then. And what was with all the dollies? He felt as though he lived in a fabric shop. Taylor pushed the window open quietly, slid one leg out, found purchase, and then slid the rest of his body down onto the rooftop of the sunroom below. Taylor slid down the roof, turned onto his belly, and then jumped down. No way in hell he was going to tell her about him either. She would only know where to find him if she did.

The guy was the coolest to hang around with, and they always had a good time. Tater had told Taylor that he had a place to stay if he ever needed one, and well, he needed one. He slipped in and found his friend in his usual spot. Tater bumped shoulders with Taylor, pointing to a crate.

My mom made me move back in with her. He shuffled his sneakers on the dirt floor, wishing his two-day sentence was up.

Tater sucked air in through his teeth and pulled his face back as if in pain. Fuck, man, that sucks.

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  4. The Autobiography of Jack Woodford.

Can I stay here? I have to be responsible. Some adult you are. Taylor picked up a wrench, swinging it around his index finger as he watched Tater work. It had been a long four and a half weeks filled with shifters, blue fairy men, and being forced back to the prison his mom called home. He was beat. It felt like the weeks were finally catching up to him now that he could actually relax. Two more days and all of this would be over. He lay down, thinking of a man with long wavy black hair, big green eyes, and the most incredible Spanish accent.

He pushed away from the bales of hay, trying his best to get his footing. Taylor knew that accent—Dagon. What in the hell was he doing here? He nodded, and the hand was removed. The big biker man pointed down into the barn to show him that there was someone down there, and it looked as though they were searching for something.

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His eyes grew round when an extremely large wolf crept into the barn, sneaking up behind the searching man. The large biker man turned Taylor into his chest, blocking his eyes from watching what was taking place down below, although Taylor could hear it all. Taylor nodded, covering his ears with his hands. What was going on down there? Never before had trouble followed him here. He ducked his head, unsure why he was gawking at the man. But there was something about Dagon that drew him like a moth to a flame, or a psychotic man to meds. Yeah, that fit better because he was crazy for feeling this way.

That was a vampire down there, lured to that very smell. Vampires are drawn to the elven scent. I knew Melonee was trouble the moment she opened her mouth. He had to get out of here. He liked the idea of men changing into wolves—when Josh first told him he thought it was the coolest thing—but vampires were a whole different kettle of fish. They drank blood, something that made Taylor shiver with the grotesqueness of it.

Nutter nero brac pack 12

Besides the fact that he wanted to run for the hills because of his mom and vampires, Dagon confused the hell out of him. Even though he worshipped his brother Josh, being gay was wrong.

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It was drilled into his head by his mom and was stuck there now. His breath caught when the big biker man sat down next to him.