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When talking about the value of wellness, this depends on the needs of both an individual employee and the business itself. There is without doubt always value to be gained when implementing any wellness strategy into an organisation, the specific value it brings depends on the key objective of the strategy and the success of the programme. Wellbeing is no longer a nice to have, it is an essential part of any employee engagement strategy. Creating a working environment which allows employees to flourish and achieve their full potential benefits everyone.

Measurable benefits include improved productivity, a stronger competitive advantage, lower absenteeism and presenteeism, as well as higher staff morale which means fewer people leaving your organisation. All great leaders will tell you that its people are at the heart of any successful business and whether a business thrives or survives will come down to that most precious asset. Historically the success of any employee programme has been typically measured in ROI but as the sector and indeed businesses shift into an era of wellbeing, aspirations turn beyond monetary values and forward-thinking businesses look at introducing a whole new set of KPIs, also known as value on investment VOI.

VOI helps a business to understand how employee health and wellbeing can interact and affect business outcomes.


In time I believe we will see a mix of both these indicators within company reports. We hear the words people are our competitive advantage from just about every company. In a world where there is a talent shortage for many roles it is important that prospective and existing employees feel that the company sees their wellbeing as being important.

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Types of EAP Providers that companies should avoid include the following:. These are professionals that are trained to specifically deal with work related issues. When choosing an EAP Provider, there are certain items that should be addressed in order to ensure that the EAP services will properly benefit the organization. Choosing an EAP provider should be done carefully, as the EAP does provide services that can be essential in stressful work situations.

EAPs have grown to be a benefit offered by many companies. The EAP Program can be a great addition to any organization, as it equally supports the needs of employees and employers. Skip to content Skip to footer.

Spelling out the occupational health value proposition to business

What is an EAP Program? Workplace stress can lead to: family problems sleep disturbance depression anxiety substance abuse workplace performance issues All of those issues can be benefit from the services provided by the EAP. The highlights include: Confidentiality Immediate Assistance Quicker Return to Work Avoiding Escalation Affordable Perks Confidentiality Employees who need assistance on certain issues will appreciate that they have access to the EAP resources to discuss sensitive issues in complete confidence.

This can lead to decreased productivity, increased absences and errors such as safety mistakes. EAP counseling provides the resources that an individual might need to get help. Once an individual is connected with the EAP line, they can choose to speak with a counselor, schedule in person counseling or e guided to additional resources. There are situations that come up in everyday life that sometimes require additional assistance.

Guest blog: The value of occupational health to the public’s health

This service is provided by licensed counselors with specialties in various work related situations. Trainings provide concrete skills, while inspiring personal and professional achievement.

It offers strategies to promote employee health, productivity, and well-being by serving patient populations throughout the entire lifespan and by addressing health problems in every category of disease classification and in all disease stages. Medical Advocacy provides guidance for employees when dealing with often times confusing medical related items. Items of discussions may include financial planning, divorce, custody agreements, bankruptcy, and more.

5 Ways to Add Value in Your Workplace - Pretty Legendary

These services are designed to help guide individuals to the best outcomes that they can receive. Critical Incident Response Every organization is vulnerable to natural disasters, serious accidents, violence in the workplace, or death of employees. When these unforeseen events happen, the EAP can help with Critical Incident Response to help employees and the organization recover and return to work.


Personal Concierge Our Personal Assistant acts as a concierge service to help with travel, entertainment, child care, and elder care. We understand that life is busy and AllOne Health EAP is here to help your employees balance their work, life and well-being.

Occupational Health

Life Coaching AllOne Health offers Life Coaching to assist employees in reaching their personal and professional goals. Employees who work with a professional life coach report: Increased self-esteem Improved work-life balance Improved communication Learn more about EAP Services here. But these call-in lines usually do not offer certified support or only have limited counseling and resource options.

A trend that says good health is good business. When it comes to the bottom line, few tactics is as beneficial as implementing a health scheme. Proving that employee health and wellbeing can improve the businesses ROI, all businesses could benefit. Thickening out the bottom line is generally what most businesses want. And given that most employees want to be healthy and happy at work, it appears to be a win-win situation.

A large part of adding value to your employees comes from their engagement within the company. Providing employees value and a culture that supports them mentally and physically is vital whilst getting the best work from them.

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Because implementing powerful employee health and wellbeing schemes into the workforce can bolster the bottom line, improve general employee engagement and afford you less turnover. Remember, providing value is what you do as a company. Allow your employees the same courtesy and watch them flourish as they find more meaning in their work. Why Employee Health and Wellbeing Matters in Business The recipe is simple, for a thriving business, you need thriving employees. In this article, we explore why employee health and wellbeing matters to a business.

Yet more importantly, why it should matter to management. Lower turnover For a thriving business, you need thriving employees.