The Last Right

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Their message to us has been clear: there is nothing to fear from diversifying your economy and creating new jobs in different industries.

Regardless of what happens with coal, if you prepare now you will emerge more prosperous, and more diverse, with higher regional employment. They warned that mining companies are the last to admit that change is coming and that we must not wait for permission, but to start making our own plan to diversify the Hunter and create more and lasting jobs.


We're lucky in the Hunter. We have a port, rail and electricity infrastructure, manufacturing know-how, a reliable river, rich soils and a big population of people who love the region. We honour our coal mining heritage and are determined to ensure we have more strings to our bow. The mining lobby in Sydney might be trying to make diversification a dirty word but it won't wash.

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We're passionate about our region and are working together respectfully at a local level to start the transformation we need to build a stronger economy. Our message to Sydney is polite, but firm - we need to follow the road to renewal, to ensure we can weather the storms, whatever comes.

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The Road to Renewal: Private Investment in U.S. Transportation Infrastructure

In this, Kook brings together both components of rational and mystical philosophy revealing his concern to connect mysticism to rationalism and rationalistic philosophy. He was convinced of the beneficent effect of Jewish nationalism upon the religion of Judaism even against the protestations of secular nationalists. For Kook, it is a religious obligation to return to the Land and work for its renewal for the renewal of Judaism is conditioned upon the physical, spiritual and political rejuvenation of the Jew.

Kook therefore creates a political statement by saying that Israel is inseparable from the Jewish people and that aliyah, the act of return, is fulfilling mitzvah and is thereby a holy act.

Establish a clear point of accountability within the federal government

The return to the Land secular Zionism is the beginning of the messianic era for Kook. He believed the Zionist effort would hasten the advent of the messiah, which he interpreted as a movement in the return of the Jewish people to the Land. Again, Kook saw no 18 A. The road to renewal culminates for Kook again with the mystical element for it is that which presents the meeting point or penetration of the physical with the metaphysical.

As stated above, the metaphysical enters the world in many ways both pantheistically and panentheistically — one of which is through holy people.

ORU Chapel 2019: “Road to Renewal: Restore” by ORU President William M. Wilson - Jan. 18th, 2019

Yet with Kook there is no spiritualistic idealization of the image of the zaddik. Bokser, B. Ish-Shalom, Benjamin. Kook, Abraham Isaac Kook.