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Already a deviant? Sign In. Edwardv17 Hobbyist Photographer. I like Window 1. The Hollies enjoy www. Thank you very much. AntonioGouveia Hobbyist Photographer. Great selection! Thanks for including my work.

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Welcome and thank you. Thank you very much for the feature! Very welcome. Great collection! Thank you so much for making me a part of this beautiful story, dear Canan. Welcome dear Ans. DawidZdobylak Professional Traditional Artist. Themes include: overcoming obstacles, goal setting, setting fear aside, and inspiring the next generation to dream big and live active, healthy lives.

Embracing the culture and language, and forming lasting bonds with friends, transformed her stay from one year to seven. Burhan Khan has a background in fashion design and is currently working on metal and thread sculptures. In his presentation, Burhan shares inspiration from his travel and bakcpacking expereinces around the world since Kaila Colbin spearheaded the hugely successful SingularityU New Zealand and Australia Summits, introducing more than 2, people to exponential technologies and their impact on humanity.

Her purpose in life is to be an uplifting presence. Bullshit jobs are not the same as shit jobs Kaila Colbin tells us. She breaks down the concepts of work and a job and encourages the listener to think about the future without jobs but not work and what that means for us.

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Bianca Donnelly talks about however hard life gets you should never give up, you will allways get through. If you're gonna go on an outdoor adventure with Kat Gebauer , you better be ready to put on wings. Kat is an outdoor enthusiast with a spirit that is hard to top and lucky for us, she brings her camera to document all of the fabulous places she finds. So sit back for a tour as Kat takes you across the globe and reveals her next big adventure.

This will also mark the last PKN Honolulu for Mark Hakoda as head organizer, so if you spot him, make sure to go and thank him for the amazing job he's done over the past seven volumes. Matariki is the beginning of the Maori New Year and refers to the time to harvest root crops and the rising of the constellation Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, Subaru in Japan or Matariki as she is known in New Zealand.

Just to mix things up we are moving venue once again — this time to introduce the new space, Tawera Gallery and Studio. Speakers and topics include an astrologer, the Matariki story, an iPhone apps developer, and what is the future of the presently defunct Gisborne train line? PechaKucha Night in Thessaloniki Vol.

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We also include a press release for the event. It's all about Hip Hop culture! Let's take a look at what's happening in PechaKucha today.

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Presentations As we promised yesterday, we continue to share presentations from last Friday's special PechaKucha event at the Magazine Library exhibition. Today you can hear Antonin Gaultier talk about his new digital Tokyo fashion magazine, De Rigueur available for Kindle , and Tokyo-based designer Ian Lynam shares some of the magazine titles that have had a big impact on him. You see a piece of the amazing venue where it will be held in it, and below, a better look.

Eliade, Mircea. Erich, Oswald. Die Darstellung des Teufels in der christlichen Kunst. Evans, A. Animal Symbolism in Ecclesiastical Architecture. Fabiny, Tibor a. In Fabiny b. Iconology and Interpretation]. Glatz, Anton C. Jacobus de Voragine. Legenda Aurea [The Golden Legend]. Janson, H. Kampis, Antal.

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Kardos, Tibor, ed. Kirschbaum, E. Lexikon der Christlichen Ikonographie. Rom — Freiburg — Basel — Wien. Kletzl, Otto. Kampf gegen Teufel und Tod im Spiegel altdeutscher Kunst. Koch, R. Facsimile Edition. Markus, R. McGinn, Bernard. Budapest: AduPrint. Myskovszky, Viktor. Le Diable. Rhode, Alfred. Ricoeur, Paul. The Symbolism of Evil. Boston: Beacon Press. Rowland, Beryl. Animals with Human Faces.


A Guide to Animal Symbolism. Russel, Jeffrey Burton. The Devil in the Middle Ages. Sachs, H. Deutsche Kunst in der Zips. Die Kunst in der Slowakei.